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Planning and reportsApps and integrations make your business more efficient. We investigate what technology can serve you best. We help you plan, develop and buy software.Our collective experience of over three decades in software development is at your service.As well as client projects, we build our own products to stay up to date with cutting edge technology and tools.

Software projectsWe can develop a mobile application for the App Store or a software robot to make work more efficient. We can build whatever you need custom-made.Our core team has been working side by side since 2017. Our process has been refined to the point that we are confident we can complete a project much faster than anyone else.Here are the main types of projects we do

Product development team for your businessDo you need a product development team, but don't have anyone who can take on the responsibility?We can be your product development team, from start to finish. You get an experienced team who can plan, recruit, manage projects, develop technology and generate strategy plans and reports.We are trusted by many others. Here are some references

Examples of our work:

Nukunuku mobile app


We made an app to help babies and children sleep. Surprisingly it began gaining popularity for adults too, helping them relax and fall asleep. The app is made with Flutter, and you can find it here nukunukuapp.com, as well as Apple Appstore and Google Play store.

“Our little baby boy tends to cry a lot. Nukunuku is life changing right now.”

"Saara came to me again, complaining she's not sleepy. I carried her to bed and put on the noise in the app, and now the girl is asleep! It took about three minutes. Usually it takes 2 hours.."

Axiell Group AB

Mobile app

Axiell develops digital products for customers in 60 countries.
We worked as leading developers in Axiell's new mobile library app for Android and iOS.
Working in an international environment was a very rewarding experience.

"The Tacit Space team is dependable and they deliver on what they promise. Co-operation between our teams has been seamless and professional."
Pascal Collberg, Head of R&D, Axiell Group

Norre Työterveys Oy

Developing the Norre system

Norre Oy is improving occupational health in cooperation with the best professionals in the field. Their business model is built on digitalization, and we were chosen to develop critical parts of their system.

“You have a professional approach!”
Jani Räihä, CEO Norre Työterveys Oy

"You make a lot of progress quickly. The code looks good and you have helped us a lot with project planning"
Viljami Linna, Sovelluskehittäjä Norre Työterveys Oy

Music Against Drugs Ry

Mobile app

An app for young adults. The aim of the app is to help the users stay active and improve mental wellbeing.We built the app on Flutter to ensure seamless publishing to both Android and iOS. The app uses Google api and Papertrail's reporting system.

"Working with Tacit Space was easy and efficient. They kept their promises and we are happy with the end result."
Eerik Niemelä, Music Against Drugs Ry

Mekalasi Oy

mekalasi.fi ecommerce application

WooCommerce integrations, extensions and customizations. We also developed a control panel for the various systems, which monitors the status of integrations.

"We are working on multiple tasks and projects at once. The documentation you provide has been really useful in keeping us up to speed."
Nora Kapulainen, Mekalasi Oy

Bit Logistics Oy

kuskaus.fi SaaS

Kuskaus.fi is a matchmaking service for logistics companies and car dealerships. It helps to organize transportation for new and used cars between dealerships.We developed the service from the ground up, including banking integrations and the contract system for agreements between users.

"Our client was pleased with how easy and simple the app is. Thank you for a job well done!"
Timo Poikolainen, Bit Logistics Oy

Tacit Space Oy

Briefer.io knowledge management platform

Briefer is a knowledge management platform for daily work. It is a knowledge base for teams, and it helps to organize and document meetings.

"Briefer was used to fuel our growth when expanding our business in Sweden. We organised our daily work with Briefer, as well as general decision making. It helped us keep a record of what is happening and where we are going."
Antti Heikkilä, Sundahem Sverige AB

Tools we use:

Mobile apps

We build mobile apps for iOS and Android. We always use the newest stable technology. Our edge is speed - the quicker the user gets a version, the better.

Robotics and automation

We love automation. Software robots make routine work more efficient and enjoyable. We've built interactive robots with movement and speech recognition too.


Most projects involve integrating multiple systems to work together. We use integration tools when possible, and create custom integrations when needed.

Web apps

We build web applications for various needs. We specialize in user psychology, which helps us build simple and effective applications.

We can help before you even have a solution in mind. Contact us and we will find out how we can help!

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